Computer repairs from simple services to total crashes.    We do them all!

Our policy is reliability! Ever had a problem and they lost everything? We don't do that. Back up first (providing the hard drive is still accessible), then repair, that way even if the computer is dead, your data lives on.

Upgrades, computer running slow? Probably just needs more memory.

Need a bigger hard drive or just a better second user PC? We'll do all that.

Just need some advice? Costs nothing but it'll save you loads.

Need domain registration or web hosting? Our sister company, is a Nominet registrar, therefore all your domain needs and web hosting can be handled by us.

Ever thought abought having your own personal email address? We can do that, thebrowns thejoneses or will give you unlimited family personalised email addresses, e.g. dad@ mum@ john@ etc... You won't get

All email hosting is handled by our servers for that personal look.

You want it, we'll do our best.   Why not ask?